A TALE OF TWO TAILS / August 20, 2015

For the past week a cross-country special rescue has been underway to help save the life of a locally born resident of Johnson County, Missouri. [Home of Old Drum.] A 7-year-old cream Tortishell-Hemingway Poly feline named Clarissa. Clarissa was adopted years ago to a couple by CARRMISSOURI located in Holden, Missouri. Last Wednesday Tisha Jackson, Volunteer Shelter Manager received a call from a kill shelter near Chicago, Illinois that Clarissa had been surrendered at their shelter by the adoptive couple. The shelter listed her as un-adoptable and scheduled her for euthanasia. The shelter gave the group approximately 48 hours to retrieve Clarissa. Through massive networking efforts Tisha was able to find a good samaritan in Chicago to pull Clarissa and temporarily foster. Land transport efforts were initiated, but continually fell apart. So Tisha reached out to Pilots N Paws to find help from pilots. Today, Pilot Dave of Wisconsin flew his Stelio Frati for this lifesaving journey from Madison to Chicago and then into the Lee’s Summit Municipal Airport, to bring Clarissa safely back. Clarissa was meet with open loving arms of Tisha. Jack Stack BBQ in Lee’s Summit heard about this endeavor and provided true Kansas City hospitality and gratitude by providing free lunch on the runway to the pilot, for his long journey!  Pilots N Paws is a charitable organization that helps connect shelters and rescue groups with pilots who want to help rescue animals needing a ride. The pilots provide their services free! “We have a motto to never leave one behind and we stand behind that! We have a contract with all adopters that they agree to never surrender the adopted animal to a kill shelter and to contact us; sadly these adopters never reached out to us; which did put Clarissa’s life in immediate danger. We’ve taken back many animals through the years, but this is the first time, because of her microchip, we’ve had one in this situation. This was a huge undertaking of networking hundreds of people together across the Midwest that helped us, save her life, and we will furrever be grateful for everyone’s help especially the good samaritan (who wishes to remain anonymous) in Chicago and Pilot Dave.” Tisha stated. CARRMISSOURI established in 2005 whose mission is to help animals; operates their own licensed private no-kill shelter in Holden. They receive no government funding or tax dollars to help the animals and have operated primarily on their own donations of funds, since the economy took a dive. “Sadly each year donation support has continued to dwindle but yet everything else continues to rise. We are barely surviving to help these animals in need. So when the call came in from Chicago last week and Clarissa’s life was in danger I just cried. With our financial struggles I didn’t know how I could pay someone to help us. But then I remembered God has always helped us - to help these animals. Making the Impossible Possible. So I got onto the internet and starting sending out messages for help to all my rescue contacts. By 11pm I received a call that she would be saved. The rescue community is truly one of the best groups I have ever been privileged to be a part of and now I have seen how many awesome pilots are ready to help us, as well.  It really restores my faith of how many people do care about and help animals.” Stated Tisha. “Clarissa seems to be in good spirits and will be getting a checkup with our Veterinarian, as she is  overweight, but certainly not what we consider un-adoptable.” Stated Tisha. CARRMISSOURI, A NotForProfit 501c3, PO BOX 101, HOLDEN, MO 64040,, Email: carrmissouricampus@gmail.comparagraph here.