2018-19 goals


Coalition For Animal Response and Rescue Missouri.

We do events for and with the community and we have had many do events and things for us, check them out below.



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Our campus is home to more than meets the eye. In fact, we have over 40 different breeds of cats! Our facility mostly houses adoptable cats. Our barn houses over 20 different breeds of feral (wild) cats. These cats will live out the rest of their lives safely with us on our beautiful 5 acres. We are surrounded by beautiful trees that brings hundreds of different types of birds, deer, turkeys, squirrels, rabbits, etc. The barn kitties will never have to worry about being euthanized for being unadoptable.  Our dogs are all in foster homes to receive better individual rehabilitation.  Our facility is setup unique and for the best interest of the kitties!


We were lucky to start our shelter back in 2009 and we've been able to keep our doors open since (altho, it's been a huge struggle). It's taken a lot of love, hard work, funds and dedication, but the animals make every day a blessing for us! 

Want to see or one of a kind community cat room (this will better help adopters know what to expect) or hear what our foster dog parents do to help dogs? Click below!

BO – Meet the most loveable pup around town! We fell in love with him the very moment we laid eyes on him and you will too! Feel free to contact us for more information.  


BROOKLYN– She is a complete jokester. She loves to play and is all cuddles in the evening. She's a great pet for all types of homes and she plays well with others! 

Donating is more than just time or money, it's peace of mind. Now you can help even the smallest animal. 

We need a larger building in a better location, to better help the animals in need in our community and in our disaster work. And we need everyone's help to make our dreams for the animals come true!