Coalition For Animal Response and Rescue Missouri.


All our animals are spayed or neutered, appropriate vaccinations are administered including rabies, checked and treated for internal and external parasites (worms, fleas, ticks, earmites), dogs are heartworm checked and cats are FIV/FELV checked. Animals that are not microchipped upon arrival will receive a microchip prior to adoption unless adopter agrees to sign a waiver that they do not want the animal microchipped.  We also provide any other veterinary medical care that is recommended by our veterinarian.  Adopters will receive a copy of the animals medical records at time of the adoption. 

Feline adoptions range from $75 and up; depending upon the care provided by our veterinarian.

Canine adoptions range from $125 and up; depending upon the care provided by our veterinarian and any type training that they have been provided. **Out of State adoptions may require Transport Expenses or a Health and Travel Certificate with the appropriate associated costs for such to the adopter.  

Please understand that we know the behavior of each of our animals and will disclose to the adopter(s), but we can not provide any opinions if our animal will indeed "get along" with your children, other pets, etc.  Please understand that even if one of our animals does or does not get along with a child, another pet, etc. it also does not guarentee that our pet will get along with another.  Every animal has their own likes and dislikes - just like humans. Therefore if you require that a pet "gets along" with your child, another pet, etc. we highly encourage you to contact a professional animal behaviorist prior to adopting an animal and learn the techniques and skills to help you be successful prior to bringing a shelter pet into your environment for the safety and emotional wellness of everyone involved.  We evaluate every adoption application against the known behavior of likes/dislikes of the pet that is wanting to be adopted and if we feel the situation will not work we will advise of such. We will not put any animal in a situation that we feel will emotional harm the animal or potential adopter. We will not adopt to anyone that does not showcase the experience to handle a situation even if the adopter says they promise to work with a behavior specialist; you must work with one prior to adopting. Sadly shelters all across the entire United States are "packed" daily with wonderful animals but 75% of the time have been surrendered by owners due to behavioral issues blamed upon the animal and what we all can agree upon in this industry is that the issue(s) were because owners did not have the skills or proper knowledge of how to change unwanted behavior in animals with positive techniques.

Thank you!  


To adopt an animal from our organization, you must be:

* Must be at least 21 years of age

* Must be a United States of America Citizen or Proof of Native American status

* Must be able to provide a valid federal or state approved identification license

* Must be able to provide documentation, if requested, to support your adoption application

* Must be willing to provide a home visit, if requested

* Understand and Agree that CARRMISSOURI reserves the right to deny any adoption application without providing any reasoning.