NOTE: Anyone we feel is being harassing, threatening, bullying, etc. we do reserve the right to refuse to work with the person(s) and we do not have to give any reason(s) to refuse to work with such person(s). Thank you.  . .



1) Request an adoption application code on an animal; via email at (This code as been put into place to stop the multiple applications being received on the same animal.)

2) If we do not have an adoption application received on the animal you are wishing to adopt we will send you the code and link to complete the online adoption application (you will be given 24 hours to submit the adoption application, therefore if another person wishes to put in an adoption application we will allow them to do this after 24 hours of not receiving your adoption application).

3) If we do have an adoption application received then we will not send you a code or the link (we will let you know that an adoption is pending on that animal - please note that many adoption sites do not allow us to use the words pending adoption and animals will not be put into the words adopted until a contract of adoption has been executed). We DO allow out of state adoptions therefore it can take weeks for applicants to make necessary travel arrangements to visit our campus - therefore an animal can be listed as pending adoption for a significant length of time). 

4) Once we have a completed and received your adoption application we will email you confirmation of having received your adoption application (we generally send confirmation email same day we received your application. Credentialing your application: depending upon the volume of adoption applications received at the such timeframe, credentialing of your adoption application could take up to 7 days; often it does only take 24 hours).

5) Once your adoption application has been reviewed and approved or declined, we will contact you via email.  (Depending upon the volume of adoption applications at the timeframe and how fast the information you provided can be verified, this could take up to 7 days; please note that often out of state applications may require longer due to your information needing to be sent to your contacts via USPS mail and the wait period of receiving information back from them.  Approved applicants will be set up for a private appointment. Once agreed by both parties we will send you our address, directions, map and a private cell number to contact. This is generally done a few days before the appointment.)


6) Due to the large volume of phone calls that we receive daily for all our business activities of operating a not for profit business and animal shelter facility, we will NOT return phone calls to anyone on inquiries of adoptable animals. If you have adopted an animal from us, then we will return your call as soon as we can. Generally this is done the same day you call.   

7) PRIORITY will be given to potential adopters who follow our process, rules and regulations. 

8) At the scheduled appointment you can choose to not move forward with adopting the animal or you can choose to adopt the animal.  A final contract will be executed which releases the animal from our guardianship into yours. And you then take the animal home!  For dog adoptions you will need to bring a leash, we will provide the collar. For cat adoptions you will need to bring an appropriate travel carrier (the hard plastic carriers are the best).