For the past five years it costs an average of $30,000 a year to operate our shelter and all the operations to help the animals of the community. We have averaged $5K a year in a combo of fundraising donations/awarded grants towards these costs; therefore the Board members have donated the necessary needed funds for continued operations. To meet the needs of the animals of the community and be able to pay the increased expenses we must generate an income and increase fundraising events and awarded grants. Research states that people are more likely to routinely donate to charities that also offer services to the community! If you would like copies of our 990's, please email us at: and we will send to you via pdf files via email. If you would like hard copies; due to the expenses of having to go offsite to print these; please send us a check for $25 and we will send you back the past 2 years of 990's via USPS; please allow 60 days for this process. Thank you.

Let’s put an end to

homeless animals! SPAY AND NEUTER PETS!

Kindness is like kindling; it only needs a spark to get it going. And once it is burning it spreads and spreads. And that fire can give off a warmth throughout the community.

Giving is Living.