August 2016 we invited the community to a meeting at Java Junction in Warrensburg, to develop a task force. The purpose of this task force is to help provide a humane solution for our county's cat overpopulation problem by performing TNVR (Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return). The first task we agreed was to do a fundraiser.  So we selected to do a booth at the annual Burg Fest in September.

We raised $400!!! So we set the date to perform our trapping of identified areas as well as our Veterinary Appointments. We successfully trapped a total of 18 cats. Each cat was then transported to the Spay and Neuter Clinic in Sedalia and received quality spay/neuter, feline vaccinations and rabies plus each cats LEFT EAR WAS TIPPED, this helps future identification that a cat with a left ear tip has been vetted.  After surgery the kitties were transported back to a volunteers safe, secure and room temperature controlled garage to recover. Once the cats had successfully recovered from the anesthesia including eating, drinking water and having bowel movements with no issues they returned to the exact place each was trapped. We had a 100% success project! 

Minute To Win It Game... Trap the Orange!

We have a long road ahead to help all the cats of our county community.  So please help us help them. Donate Today! If you have time learn with us this humane practice and become a Hero for Cats!  Just $35 helps 1 cat receive lifesaving spay/neuter, feline vaccination, rabies and eartip!  Other things we need to keep this program going include more humane cat traps, newspapers, sheets, bleach to clean the traps, sheets, canned cat food, gasoline gift cards and winter cat houses and feeding stations.