Our Elite Bravo Team is made up of women and men, from all over the United States.

The purpose of this team is to create a group of like minded individuals/organizations who have a passion for helping save the lives of animals that are located in rural kill shelters whose lives do matter but the resources to save their lives is limited or obsolete. 

The mission for the team is to provide the needed resources - financially - to help our organization be capable of saving these lives across Missouri and the Nation, with emphasis on rural kill shelters in low-income areas, without the worries of taking away funds from our operational budget that is necessary to care for the animals under our current guardianship such as pet food, pet medicine, veterinary expenses, cleaning supplies, utilities, insurance, toys, State of Missouri Department of Agriculture shelter annual fee's, etc. 

The advantages of being a part of this team is just beginning! As we begin to roll out this exciting new adoption&transport program;  Elite Bravo Team members will receive some wonderful recognition and opportunities!  

Elite Bravo Team Members can give monthly, quarterly or annually as long as the minimum amount of contribution donations from January to December each year equals $5,000 or more and the funds are earmarked specifically for our new adoption&transport program.  The funds will be used for expenses related to this program.

Wendy, DeDe, Ron Baake

Let’s put an end to

homeless animals! SPAY AND NEUTER PETS!