Ellie August 2015, 1 year Later! Doing Great.



Late Friday night (August 15, 2014) a concerned citizen who had been trying for weeks and weeks to capture Ellie finally had.. and brought her to us.  The concerned citizen had seen her earlier in the summer wandering around looking for food and quickly noticed that she had been shot in the front leg with an arrow.  We took Ellie to one of our contracted Veterinarian Offices to be evaluated.  Ellie was underweight and full of infection were the arrow had penetrated her leg.  An xray revealed that her main leg bone was completely destroyed.  Currently Ellie is receiving daily high doses of antibiotics to rid the infection and all the food she wants.  We will be taking her back for a check up to see if the leg can be saved or if it must be amputated. In the meantime we have started a medical vet care fund for her (as these expenses are beyond our current capabilities) and a legal fund to post a reward towards finding the person(s) who did this to Ellie.  This is a cruelty and abuse case and the person(s) who did this need to be found, so that no other animal becomes a victim or a child or adult! Help Us Help Ellie.  

As of 09/01/14 we have received $200 in checks, for Ellie's Vet Expenses.