Coalition For Animal Response and Rescue Missouri.

Scooter in foster care. Thanks to the wonderful foster families commitment of love and the suggested guidance for Scooters success, Scooter was adopted by a wonderful couple with children from Colorado!

Our Community Cat Room. This is an open area in which our kitties live - freely. The beautiful bright cheerful colors and hand painted decals allow for the kitties to be stimulated and happy. The shelves all over the walls allow for the cats to get high up - which cats just love! The twin bunkbed allows for frequent and comfy napping. The two windows allow the cats to view the entire property and with wonderful views of birds, squirrels and many other wildlife creatures. The TV/DVD allow for volunteers to relax with the kitties and watch movies with them. The room is designed with no dangers of electrical cords and such. The various Toys allow for playing and brain challenges! They especially love their one of a kind plastic play tower!  Soothing music plays 24/7 along with bursts of various soothing smells from the diffusers. Visitors love visiting the kitties and brushing them, reading to them, watching movies or sharing a quick nap! 


Our dogs reside with trained foster homes. Our foster home parents provide a vital position, in helping successfully place dogs into the right forever homes. The foster home provides a assessment of the dogs behavior and skill set. This information is then collaborated with our professional volunteers with years of experience in canine behavior and training. A plan is then put into action for the dog for our foster home with a wide range of volunteer support systems including our shelter veterinarian.  Our objective is to give the basic home skills that will allow the dog to be successful in the right forever home. Many of our adopters have taken their adopted dogs into higher education and some have even graduated into careers as search and rescue canines, therapy support, agility competition, working farm assistants, etc. Each dogs behavior to include likes/dislikes is matched with adopters household, dog training experience and desires. Since we got more involved in "matching" in 2015, our returns on dogs have dropped from approximately 60% to 1%. So clearly being more proactive in matching dogs with adopters has been a huge success!